This will go down in history as Fox News Fail….If ever a comedy cable network got something wrong Fox News did…Hannity claiming victory is in sight…while actually having lost his bifocals….O’Reilly blaming the landslide on “Non Traditional AmerIca” ..”Meaning the white folks gardeners won? ”

“We maybe watching the slow self-destruction of the delusional “Non Newness” of Fox as it slowly forms itself into a “Zombie Nation” and starts “eating its own blondes.”

When FOX’S hottest sex bomb Megyn Kelly looks Karl Rove right in his beady little eyes after listening to his blustering excuses and bullshit…..and says..
” But he won Karl!” ……Something is rotten in the state of Murdoch!”

“But Karl he won”… Megyn might be auditioning to get the hell out of Dodge and join the forces of “lite rite” over at CNN…

CNN ….another doozy in the battle of being totally “up shit creek in a match box looking for peanuts”…. As soon as some asshole in charge over there decided that they needed a change in philosophy and leaned Right they fell off the rating cliff.

Wolf Blitzer was unleashed and allowed his “inner Lieberman to come out while angry war mongering birds flew out of his beard.

The news watching public were suddenly divided up into people who watched Jon Stewart and believe in his jokes and not watching Fox and CNN because they are jokes.

This is not to say that CBS/NBC /ABC were bringing home the bacon…they were laying cheese omelets too.

Bob Schaefer over at CBS has obviously died and is doing “Weekend at Bernie’s” with the help of some sort of  electronic wizardry…and ABC’S Diane Sawyer was drunk during the vote tallying..which was probably because she had to be in the same building as George Will who is giving Dinosaurs a bad name. (Check this out on You Tube.)

Altogether the fact that Fox News threw up on itself doesn’t alter anything …as long as they keep telling the racist morons who watch their shit every day the same shit they’ll always be in the business of lying and lying and lying… which did Romney and his little vampire bat Ryan so much good didn’t it…heh?


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