A question:

Will big business see the “voting on the wall” and move more towards satisfying the changing middle class consumer’s demographic or will it stay rooted in its desire to take over society and mold it to its own elitist will?


China is one BIG business model…The big business tycoons in China run a brutal one party system which is highly successful but disrespectful of its people and their freedoms. This model is the envy of Nike,Home Depot,Wal-Mart, etc but it ain’t gonna happen here unless the army says it can.

We just had an election that was the non violent revolution we’ve been talking about.

The Southern States lost the Civil War with a great loss of life… They just lost the 2nd Civil war with just a loss of face, dignity and nearly a billions corporate dollars trying to sell the American people a “rich white man’s” version of a society they live in but has long since gone the way of CLINT EASTWOOD’S common sense and Rush Limbaugh’s disgusting racist pandering.

Enough of the multi cultural people have spoken for that kind of America to be over forever.

The only way the South can rise again is when it joins the rest of 21st Century sanity and throws away the Confederate flag… and stops thinking Fox News is speaking anything but Australian.

As for Big Business…it was not very smart at this election …so it remains a mystery.


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