So now we’re seeing a wave of angry bird brains across the land, and from sea to shining sea, petitioning to secede from the good old USA.

Alabama it appears has enough signatures put together to at least have a hearing.

Alabama as its own country…sounds like a plan.

What this kind of reaction proves without a doubt is that racism and “red neck-ism” combined with bad accounting and too much McDonald’s sodium can turn a state into a “fifth world” country in about a month.

It “ain’t – a -gonna- happen”…but knowing that 20 states ¬†have enough traitorous losers petitioning to “get the hell outta Dodge” proves how really divided this country has become between “Us’ n and Them ‘n”

They’ve been buying a lot of guns and ammo and we may be facing a SOUTHERN Taliban..At least Obama is bring home the troops just in time before the sounds of “Dixie” rings out again and we have to open fire on Fox News.

Cliven Bundy and his militia’s might be the first to be droned.


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