Continuing on with the stupidity of the GOP angst over Obama shaking hands with CASTRO…WE SEE HOW OUTWITTED the witless can be.

McCain has his shorts in a knot over it and right after his Hitler comment he lost his car keys and forgot where he’d put his lunch.

The hypocrisy of the GOP is deeper than a Lady Gaga neckline.

Its wider than Chris Cristie’s pajama bottoms..

Its more bat shit outlandish that a year of Elizabeth Hasselbeck quotes…

This is the “X marks the spot ” for this year’s “XMAS follies”…

As things turn around in Obama’s favor we face even more callow school boy type obstruction…but have the Tea’s learned their lesson?

“X”  says  maybe …”There will be no budget crisis..Ryan backed down”…

“X” says …”Appointees are being confirmed..as the Filibuster is busted.”..

Hearing continued Republican lame huffing about Obama being responsible for BENGHAZI..A TAX SCREW UP… A COMPUTER GLITCH and making it sound like its  his “personal involvement” and that of black people and that of his traitorous appointees!

It sounds like the continued ravings of crazy video game fanatical teens.

It’s all coming crashing down on their bigot heads as the President is the President and the people in charge of the Congress have a lower rating than a combination of Bubonic plague and Charles Manson.

If the combined efforts of hundreds of millions of dollars and an entire main stream media attack can’t take the PREZ DOWN… THEN HE MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT.

X marks the spot at XMAS TIME!

Obama has put a “HEX” ON THE “X” OF THE OPPOSITION.

Happy holidays as the war on Christmas is diminished as being anything thing but a FIGMENT OF  Bill O’Reilly’ over active grandstanding mind combined with SARAH PALIN’S book bomb…We hear you can pick copies up at Goodwill with a sweater and an ornament.




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