After a short break in communications at which time one gathered one’s thoughts about one’s contributions to the society one lives in… may we indulge in some random thoughts.

The hollowness of big family reunions …when all is not kosher …can be alleviated by having less pain and more honesty and rather than being “physically present” but by  really being “present” by not being “present” at all.

Thanksgiving means little if hypocrisy is the elephant at the dinner table.

Forgiveness can come in many forms but when a heart is broken the mending cannot taker place in an empty celebration. It must come from important meaningful understanding of depths of the emotions involved by all participants.

Those willing to go through the rediscovery of unconditional love through dialogue might find hope in the outcome…Those that hide behind the fear of being discovered as being not perfect will take that with until their last breath.

Some of us have searched our souls and have come to an understanding of our weaknesses and in this understanding we have also discovered our strengths.

We want to pass along our vital information to our loved ones…but when they are closed to changed and living in the bubble of their own self-doubt and deep resentment of the past they cannot and willfully will not see the future.

A future that could be golden rather than tarnished with doctrinaire and tired clichés long a theme of the past and only legends in their minds.

They say “love conquers all” but until this is proved love is on hold and wasted resentment and anger stays in control of many families destinies.

So much the pity and the sadness of the hidden meanings of Thanksgiving for many.


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