**If I were the CIA I wouldn’t let Clare Dane in the building as a cleaning lady.

**There’s a rumor that Rupert Murdoch stays alive by sucking the blood of the Fox News blondes.

** They’re saying that Hillary Clinton can see the big White building from her house.

**The GOP is tearing itself into splinter groups like racists,secessionists,homophobes and the Palin family.

**The 1% has been caught sneering at small businesses while shopping at Neiman Marcus.

**Fox News now has the status of a 3rd World country similar to the Ukraine.

**Grover Norquist is rumored to be wearing a tax-chastity belt.

** John McCain has been arrested for doddering while under the influence of senility.

**Pat Robertson says he wrote to God asking him for a Romney victory but didn’t put enough stamps on the envelope.

**Liz Cheney failed her relevancy check yesterday.

** Lindsay Graham denies that there are surveillance tapes of him  talking to a duck.

** The FBI may make a thorough search of Fox News looking for their hidden Nazi’s.


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