An NFL football player commits public suicide and it makes world wide media headlines…

Meanwhile returning vets from the longest war in American history are committing suicide in unbelievable numbers every single day ..what is the irony here?

The NFL is popular ..War is not popular.?

Now comes Bob Costas this week to condemn the senseless over kill use of weaponry sales in this country. As soon as Bob had eloquently spoken about the obsession American have for owning all and every type of type of gun..was as soon as Fox News and the trigger happy Right Wing maniacs sprang into vicious action.

We can predict that sports icon and all round great guy Bob will now be “swift boated” into a “has been sissy man”..

“Somebody totally out of touch with the American people’s rights to defend themselves with rocket launchers!”

“Reports that Costas was in a gay bar with Ru Paul and he’s secret cross dresser!”

“Costas has ties with a SOCIALIST terrorist organization and MSNBC ”

“Costas cheats as cards and was rude to his mother in law!”

We are currently living in a country where intelligence , thoughtfulness and educated people are surrounded by millions of raving blood thirty gun crazy idiots…some hell bent on defending their “freedoms” by blowing away innocent black kids playing music or just coming home from the 7/11.

There is also the blood lust of hunting..this is where men and boys and Sarah Palin  go out and kill every deer, duck ,moose, bear, cougar, wolf or coyote they can find and then congratulate each other of mega macho moments and seal it with a photo-op.

Face it folks Guns are your lethal penis’s..You load’ em up and shoot your wad into something soft and warm.

In the real world this would be creating life.

Yes you can  hate my stuff as I hate yours…I may be just a cry baby in the wilderness but don’t shoot at me….I’M JUST THE MESSENGER…


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