“Sane Sex!”


When the time is right a bi sexual cross dresser might be asked to be best man and woman at the same time at a same-sex marriage.

The Supreme Court will hear arguments about the constitutionality of same-sex marriage this year. This will separate the boys from the homophobes. Judging from their makeup they will hammer it back into the stone age.

Lawyers are saying of the two cases to be presented  that the court will be placed on its mettle.

If they can take a leaf out of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”they will have to come down on the side of acceptance.

The military has not degenerated into a “sex orgy of co-cohabiting Lesbian officers assigning nasty smelly men to the front line” 

“Gay sergeants are not diddling the cooks assistants.”

In fact NOTHING has happened in that regard.

The military is still fighting and dying in useless war just like normal.(Although heterosexual rape of straight female service woman continues unabated…


As the rest of the World looks on we can only hope that they will see that America is actually growing up….The country remains sane enough to reelect a caring and patriotic American who, with his mandate, is  making a difference for Americans of all shapes sizes colors and sexual persuasions.

The Bush Right Wing Supreme Court majority will have its chance to show the country if it intends to be constructive or destructive. yeah right!!

We know Scalia and Thomas and possibly Alito’s decisions…let’s see what the rest do with this.

Meanwhile in Utah a glitch in time made same sex marriage happen in the heart of homophobia…The Mormon Brotherhood are having a cow and trying to change the law back to “the marriage of a man and as many underage teenaged girls they can get their perverted little hands on”.

There is a train of thought that says Polygamy was invented by a guy called Smith and a bunch of fake 1800’s Christians who wanted to make child molestation legal.

Insane sex marriage.

r-MARCUS-BACHMANN-MICHELE-BACHMANN-large570                             “I’M NOT GAY I’M JUST HAPPY”

Angel_Moroni_Appearing_to_Joseph_Smith“I’M NOT GAY..I’M THE ANGEL MORONI DO YOU LIKE MY DRESS?”


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