Looking at a map of the US showing the right to work states might be an eye opener.

The American close to “slave labor” ideal lives in the Red States it would appear.

Isn’t this what the civil war was fought over?

Fiscal and social fairness.?

This may be a drastic comparison…but look at it “unreasonably” and it begins to make sense.

The REPUBLICAN/CORPORATE governed states desperation to pass the RIGHT TO WORK legislation proves this without a doubt.

It’s the reworking of the civil war’s main purpose. The freeing of a huge unpaid work force…THIS WAS SO UNACCEPTABLE to the ruling white class in the Confederacy that it cost America an almost unbelievable loss of valuable lives and property.

TODAY’S MODERN CASE being the idea that the workers are “chattel” that can be “replaced”and who don’t need to be loyal to a company because they can be “replaced” through the desperation of the millions of unemployed needing a job… any kind of a job… at what ever wage level is available.

It isn’t the blue and the grey..its the blue and the red…but it is indeed a civil war…and the South is winning this time.



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