Today I celebrate the body of many years but still with the brain of a 12-year-old.

I also celebrate the life and passing of Ravi Shankar “The Sitar Man”…the late George Harrison and his BEATLE buds discovered Ravi for the world and made beautiful GENTLE and passionate sounds together.

Ravi’s musical riffs in the form of “Indian spiritual jazz” fused with his new-found understanding of Western ROCK N’ ROLL through George Paul and John were such a part of the  60’s evolution that they remain as modern today as in those long gone days.

This historic moment in “human induced time “…12/12/12… is just numbers…but makes us all realize that time is not on our side.

We might want to take each day as a precious reminder of the privilege we share at this moment of being here on the Planet to appreciate life.

To remember all the great times and to put behind us the sad and bad stuff.

To renew our faith in ourselves and our resolve to still kick on and make our lives better places to reside in.

We basically know how full of shit we are at times…but understanding this and getting past it can really feel good.

The purpose we all have in being here surely is to make the best of the time we’ve been allotted and to find kindness dignity and peace within ourselves so we can then look outward instead of inward.

Enjoyment is the greatest revenge.


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