For a father and a grandfather this week is one of the most devastating horrific events imaginable.

The slaughter of innocent children has always been a very bothering phenomenon to me. I grew up in a war where civilians were bombed strafed and rocketed for 5 long years. I was 3 when it started and 7 when it eased off. I was a child of the blitz. I spent most of my nights in a bomb shelter. My school friends disappeared.

What is impossible to separate for me however is that however horrendous these latest homeland killing of innocents is …it is only an incident in the ongoing killing of innocents.

When its closer to us we feel it more.

I read of the deaths by drones of whole families in Afghanistan….fathers , mothers, grandparents and children.. Crazy single demented loner people are not doing this.

Our government is doing it.

When we read of the artillery barrages of the Syrian army on rebel towns and entire schools being blown to bits…crazy people with grudges are not doing that..a calculating dictator is commanding it.

When Israel sends fighter jets over Palestinian populated areas and fires rockets into crowded marketplaces that “might” double as enemy rocket launching sites and many children die in the name of defense …this is not an individual’s actions but the actions of a government armed to the teeth with weapons supplied by the USA.

We will never see the pictures of any of these children lying  shattered in pools of their own blood.

The media protects itself and us from  that.

Perhaps it should not!

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