News of another Earth similar to ours has been announced by NASA  Astronomers.

In many years time we will hopefully have the ability to travel through time and space to visit our brothers and sisters on this far away planet,.

We can only hope that when we get there we will see societies that are a good deal more intelligent and humanistic than the current versions of us that inhabit this place.

And if we plan to migrate there….

May there be no Ted Nugents and Sarah Palins, drug lords and drug cartels and African dictators and any terrorists and mentally deranged child killers.

May there be public transport that at least has monorails running down the center of all the freeways..and clean air and the ability to give hope to the homeless and the mentally ill and make sure we don’t have to euthanize millions dogs and cat every year.

May the McDonald’s meat be free of chemicals and Monsanto be a small town and not an evil chemical empire.

May all this be on the other Earth and may organized religion be banned and may Santa be real.



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