Today we look to celebrate  the day before “XMAS”….

“X” marks the spot on the calendar when many millions around the world start to remember that magical day conjured up in that best seller The Bible when a woman gave birth to a very special baby without the pleasure of coitus.

The wife of a lowly carpenter in the Middle East some how or other was impregnated by God with his only son.

The best-selling Bible doesn’t go into the details of what God actually did to create the baby JESUS other that to say it was a “done deal”…. And as the EARTH was arbitrarily created in 7 days so the baby JESUS was created in 9 months without the use of a human sperm cell.

Logic rules?


Joseph, his father, accepted the fact that he Joseph had nothing to do with the birth

This fact meaning technically, under the law, Jesus was born (in and out)
of wedlock  to another “father.

THIS FACT MAKING IT also LOGICALLY CLEAR  to many non believers  that God must have had an adulterous affair with Mary. 

There must have been millions of non believers ..even in those days…Say for instance The entire Roman Empire..

The Roman’s worshipped a bunch of other Gods and craven images and stuff  but not the Almighty God!!



In fact The Romans were scared shitless of an Almighty God.. they had guys like Nero and Caligula who said they were God and burned down Rome and married horses as it APPEARED their Gods worked in mega mysterious ways…


So to Romans Mary having a kid without sex was as ludicrous as VISIGOTHS  building roads and having a hot tub and a massage.

Logic ruled.

There are those of us who believe that JESUS was a major historical figure and a great religious man.. a man brave enough to say it like it was and still is in many basic ways…

A man who stood up to an entire brutal dominating empire with a message of love and peace as eloquent today as those many years ago.. and a man ready to die for those believes. A man to be revered and trusted and yes even loved for his goodness.

Logic speaks.

A “Virgin” birth however ,without that initial moment of  pleasure and the basic beginning of the union of a man and a woman, is not logical …and it kinda makes God seem a little selfish towards poor simple working guy Joseph…

Seems even way back in those days important people are always trying to take away workers rights.

Just sayin’  

Seems logical even as we celebrate such a wonderful day…

Too bad we can’t ask the Three “Wise”men what their real opinion of the birth was.

Compliments of the seasons to all around the World who follow my blogs.

Yours in truth and knowledge and in only one man’s opinion…

I love you all.




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