433nsanta-claus-with-blank-list-posters1              FILL IN THE BLANK..HE’S MAKING A LIST…

Christmas time once a year it can be a reminder of all things bright and beautiful..but also of things you’d been hiding from all year, If you had some momentum going…it just stops…You have to get a tree…you start to feel so obligated..then the cards arrive and holy moly you forgot to send cards to some people who really love you..you feel like shit….

You buy a bunch of stuff and you hope you did the right thing by folks…You spend money on wrapping paper and gift bags and  you have so much left over you store it next to last year’s left over wrapping …soon your closets will be filled with unused wrapping paper and tissues.

You try to stay festive by playing Christmas music but GENE AUTREY’S musical arrangements from the 40’s start to grate after the 53rd time you hear Rudolph.

You remind yourself that all the good Christmas songs were written by Jews…and that Joseph and Mary and Jesus “his baby self” were Jews…and if they’d have had a Motel 6 in those days the birth might have taken place in room 34.

All joking aside however the “Christmas spirit” does live in the hearts and souls of some of the “good guys” without guns..

Last night I was at the supermarket in the express lane and the lady in front  paid for  my package of 4 pounds of sugar. She said it was her “random act of kindness for the holiday season.” It was kind of shocking to the line up  behind me ..and being an erstwhile comedy writer ..I turned on the crowd and said: “Okay folks start paying for each others groceries!”

They laughed derisively and told me to “go fuck myself!”

Despite all this And upon reflection Christmas can remind us all that it is better to be you  than to be Ricky Gervais….



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