“Christian Mingling?”…..


There are ads on television right now for a thing called Christian Mingle.

This ad tells you that there is a whole world of horny single Christians ready to meet you…and in their own words you will find “God’s choice for you”…

I went under deep cover to find out what “CM” is all about.

I wanted to find out whom God had chosen for me to shack up with…or perhaps just have a great one night Holy Moly night of love with.

What I found out was this…God’s CM peeps only wanted to fix me up with a “mate for life”….

But in their favor they gave me 200 photos of great looking Christian chicks.

CM did stipulate being good Christians when choosing amongst any of their clients they should only use the missionary position.

Christian “mingling”to some of us seems to be the ultimate in exclusion type propaganda on the behalf of a religious cult:  

Dating services are usually excuses for busy people who can’t find anyone they feel compatible with in bed or who are just worn out from too many  pick ups in bars , one night stands with rock stars and low grade sports figures or office romances with married peeps…male and female.

None of that will change with being a Christian..it’ll just be more of a guilt trip… especially if you’re skipping church on Sunday for a sensual “getting to know God’s choice” lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.

They say there’s somebody out there for everyone…narrowing it down to “same-sexy” religion is “UN-leveling the playing field.”

There’s a rumor going around that Mitt Romney ( Remember him?) will be heading up a new dating service called “Mormon Mingling”..the slogan will be….

“God says even if you’re married to several other you can still mingle…”


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