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We have come to the end of “hate year.”

Hate has always been with us…we all know that…but this past election year the obvious facts that we’ve been vaguely hiding from ourselves came out front and centre with a vengeance!

The panicking white people from the South and sadly some other regions of this country started to put two and a half men together!!

They  realized that every where they looked outside their Fifth Avenue apartments , their Wall Street, their gated communities, their illegal stills and their locked and loaded militia headquarters ..black ….brown and yellow people were everywhere..and worst they were young and some were very smart and they were having little brown black and yellow AMERICAN BORN babies at an alarming rate!

So hidden hate left the Limbaugh building…and the Hannity Condo….and the Pat Robertson “Christian church”and The Tea Party convention halls and spilled out into open and virulent fields of the Mitt Romney /Paul Ryan “white man’s Presidential campaign:

What would’ve been thought of as unacceptable and totally un-American racist behaviour became the norm.

We Liberals were aghast at the less than insidious openly insulting and degrading words sprouting unchallenged from the spew pits of right wing radio and the septic tank known as Fox News.

We ALWAYS realized there were many millions of NARROW FRAMED white people not like us…but when it came to election year we suddenly saw they were all about to vote !! Holy Shit!!!! We were in big trouble….

White people who were openly willing to vote for a crass unthinking robot. A smiling lying,cheating,slick ,tax dodging, draft dodging. terminal white elitist….A MAN WHO WOULD TAKE US EVEN FURTHER BACK THAN BUSH!!!

But a magical thing happened …

Despite zillions of undisclosed Fascist money..despite an entire green slime Rightist media freak out …despite all of that plus NASCAR and Victoria Jackson… the black guy ,who these losers wanted to make a ONE TERMER, ate their lunch money and  dumped 100,000,000 of  non-toxic waste in their landfill!

Hate talk makes bigots feel good …

Love talk makes the world go round…and love gets those babies born to grow up and never let the Visigoths get close to owning a country built on freedom and democracy again…

“Long live the union of man and woman and by the way long live the union of unions….”


Scase Chris


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