We in America are plainly in love with American football which is NOT real football but more “throw ball” with some feet involved from time to time…

Real football “football’ is played by most other countries in the World because it is so very cheap to start with. All you need is a round ball and two feet.

American football …originally titled “Gridiron! “… requires a lot of padding, a helmet and a bunch of guys in striped shirts and a whole mess of offensive and defensive players of all sizes and shapes.

Speaking of “offensive”…lets make a comparison here…The US Congress.

Here we have two teams with each team counting on being “offensive” and “defensive.”

In the current Congress..the REPUBLICANS could not be more offensive!

They are great at “running interference”and have cultivated …so they think… “blocking” into an apparent winning strategy.

When they lose …which they do often… they get so “defensive” they look like a bunch of whiny little defeated high school bullies.

The REPUBLICANS are coached by this guy called Boehner who just can’t get his players to work as a team…His other coaching staff member undermine him behind his back and seem to be vying to leave his team and get a better deal for themselves.

MEANWHILE the coach of the other team has it all together. His game plan is to seem “defensive” and at the exact right moment go on “the offensive.”

His playbook is way more brilliant than the stumble bums on the other team.

And to top all of this off he’s the first black guy to be America’s coach.

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