The REPUBLICAN PARTY of the United States apparently cannot accept the fact that women are as important to society as men. This goes for REPUBLICAN woman also it appears.

This week the Violence to Women act which should’ve sailed through Congress was stopped in its tracks by who else but the GOP majority. What earthly reason would a bunch of white guys in suits have against this bill?

Do they want to perpetuate women getting beaten raped and killed by men?

This just does not make sense in the USA of 2013. What is the purpose of not passing the totally bipartisan non controversial idea that women should be protected from being treated in any sort of violent way?

Who are the married white men in suits with daughters and granddaughters of their own who would vote against this bill?

It defies reason…can anyone guess why the GOP would vote this totally righteous bill down.?

Just as defunct racial bigotry rules the mind-set of the Right Wing in this country… so does the hatred and mistrust of woman’s rights to be equal pervade their fear driven mentality.

The Right’s idea of a woman’s place manifests itself in the image of the FOX NEWS BLONDES.  “The Stepford Wives of Sound Bites!”

Women should either have great oiled thighs while bringing Syrian massacres to the ignorant masses…. or be in the kitchen, or pregnant, or in the case of Ann Romney the artificially insemination of Arab mares while eating cheesecake.

Obviously living in gated communities or protected by armed militias protects GOP womanhood so they don’t need any of your violence against woman bullshit.

We are indeed living in a dual society…

On one side …the Clown society of deadly ignorance and denial of the REPUBLICAN.FASCIST RED STATES.

…..and reality ….which is fast becoming harder to find and even harder to hold onto.


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