Today Mitch McConnell the minority leader of the SENATE went off his meds again…

He did this before of course saying we will only have Obama to kick around for one term…an “unsound bite” that should have sunk this old geezer.

Bu he’s at it again on the talk shows with bullshit coming out of all pores…

You see the current GOP/FOX think continues to be:”If we just keep feeding these fools enough of this crap…sooner or later they’re gonna buy into it… It worked for Goebbels and Hitler “.

.What this out of date musty old nutcase doesn’t get is …HITLER DESTROYED HIS COUNTRY!!!…He wound up committing suicide in a freakin’ bunker.!!

But we say let Mitchnik do his thing..he can be a “two un-sound bite “loser…His latest  un-sound bite is..”


“We will now only deal with deficit reductions.”.


Coming from a position of strength this would appear to be a problem for Obama… coming from the complete loser of all time position however this statement will fly about as high as a wet kite with no wind.

Giving these decrepit zombies the air time to sprout off this total guff ridden horse manure  is…… we suppose what we have to do to allow the opposite point of view to be heard .

The fact of the matter is however that the “David Gregory Syndrome” of allowing total grandstanding to take place… without just verbally bitch slapping peeps like Mitch into oblivion …still pervades the airways…

Then there’s this Cruz guy from TEXAS who says its gonna be “all Obama’s fault” if we default..


but then what else is “un-soundbite Fox News…”


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