The President of NBC has warned Donald Trump of “excessive celebration: Actually that’s not true …that being a football expression…it should just read “excessive “period.

NBC is sick and tired of having this giant jerk use his TV celebrity to push his crazed anti Obama bull turd radical nonsense on FOX and other rival channels.

Took ’em long enough to rein in this grandstanding pile of egotistical bombastic toxic waste….will he listen?

Marvel Comics has created a new evil genius character based on Trump ‘s personality….”In the day time he’s a fake real estate mogul who pretends he’s mega rich when he actually owes banks millions..and at night he takes out a picture of a black president and as he stares at it…he changes into a huge pungent asshole!”

Will NBC cancel Donald’s show because he just won’t be able to keep his trap shut or will they succumb to the evil of his best demographics…and keep him?

We can tell you here at BEARDE’S VIEW that the Donald’s ratings are big with the Frontal lobotomy crowd and the SOUTHERN serial masturbators.


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