imagesCA0H3MAOYes it’s happened!

Steve Doocy’s brain has gone missing….Nobody at Fox News has realized this they are still searching for Bret Hume’s sense of the ridiculous and Sean Hannity’s forehead which has disappeared from the top of his head.

The entire Fox News network is undergoing an extremely weird  and highly colorful series of mystic atmospheric disturbances! Like if we thought they’d gone batty before…they have now gone off the grid.

Madness of alarming proportions is taking place.

What Fox News can’t seem to get through its collective numbskulls is that slowly but surely they are becoming irrelevant…Not that they were not already to people with even just a high school diploma…but now even the sub-human neanderthals who watch Fox News and nothing else are beginning to guffaw at “Fox and Friends” and “Sean the Unseemly”….

There is just so far into idiocy and just pure bulls twang that anything can take before it becomes David Lynchville…

Fox News is turning slowly into “Razor Head 2.”

It is like “Camera Obscure meets Salvador Dali”…

It is “Soundbites with no teeth”

And where is Sarah Palin when you least need her?..She ‘s out there somewhere flailing around… caught up in her theories and trying to return wardrobes to Saks while  reverting to Alaskan hair stylists idea of what’s hot on the Tundra….

“Brains the new wonder head filler!”


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