So now we know the OSCAR NOMINATIONS..this is so exciting if you like the thrill of seeing directors wondering why their films were nominated and they were not!

Yes it’s that WTF moment in time again..here are some of today’s factoids!!

“Lincoln” headed the list…At least the REPUBLICANS can say they were ahead in a popular vote.

“Lincoln” the movie is being called “The Rocky of the 13th Amendment.”

If she wins Sally Fields has been warned by her shrink not to repeat the line “You really like me” because some people don’t.

In the “Zero Dark Thirty”… The CIA was overlooked in the writer’s nomination for “best adaptation of a story” category.

Quentin Tarantino says if he wins he will melt his Oscar down into a giant third finger and send it to Spike Lee.

Muslims in Pakistan and Iran plan to boycott “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Argo” as they say they come across as dumb assholes!”

Fred Miserables is happy for the nomination of his brother Les.

The German movie “Amour”…nominated twice… has been seen by the Academy and 120 other people including the projectionists. It has made $301 at the box office and will go straight to  “Sundance Free Movies” right after the ceremony.

“Beast of the Southern Wild”… contrary to the popular opinion… is not about Lindsay Graham going berserk and biting the head off a chicken.

They say the 3D effects in “Life of Pi” are so realistic people leaving the theater swearing they actually smelled Tiger shit.


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