As the World turns…it ‘s becoming obvious that the crazed “extremist right”… as perpetuated by the made up… trumped up….plastic Ono band manufactured… completely imitation of a movement TEA PARTY is nothing but a paid “expeditionary force” of the Koch Brothers and the oil companies.

Non humans cynical cyborgs who regard regulations as BUBONIC PLAGUE!!!!

The Congress of the United States lives and breath with their breast beating un-American stench!

It is… and always has been…. the intention of the Koch Brother’s third-party to bring down the American government.

Unfortunately for them….they have run into the American people !

In this last election “The Koch Brothers Third Party “was defeated badly even as they spent the equivalent of the GNP of a medium-sized European country filling the airwaves with the vilest racist lies and deceptions thru their surrogate elitist hack Mitt Romn-ass!

This didn’t work for them…but neither do the words “Fuck Off Losers”

The Koch Brothers Third Party believe ..perhaps correctly …that “money talks and bullshit works”…

They have after all bought the United States Congress …and with the help of “Rupert the Hun” a large part of the main stream media.

What America has to understand is that these people are the real terrorists. They will not stop…in fact they cannot stop its their life’s blood …they are determined to take over this democracy and to make it into their corporate plaything.

This is not a conspiracy theory !!….it is not even a CONSPIRACY!!!…it is REALITY!!

…. and the sick thing is …the really sick thing is .. .anyone with an average intelligence knows it.

Luckily the country is still full of patriots.

We have JOE BIDEN and BERNIE SANDERS and ELIZABETH WARREN and others who give us hope that a great country can survive this war on itself perpetuated by its dark side and…… in the end ….maintain its honor and dignity in the terrible battle it now faces.


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