Those who want to split from the good old USA…we intreat you to “SECEDE PLEASE!”

Texas please!!!….break the ties with Washington SECEDE PLEASE!  This way we can deny you foreign aid…and “secede” how you like that..?.

SECEDE PLEASE!!….You can fight and die and pay taxes for your new country of  “THE REPUBLIC  OF DAKOTAS!”

The Southern welfare states can become  “SOUTHERN RED LAND!”

You Southern Redlanders can have all the ASSAULT RIFLES  you want…No education past kindergarten…all the dirty air  you want.. millions of REDLAND sick people and grandparents that die younger and younger..Lots more SNAKE KISSING churches ….Plus thousands of unwanted babies… ..out-of-wedlock and rape babies…. with no fathers…KIDS  who will grow up to be dumb drug addicts and criminals …and others that work for less than the minimum wage when they’re not shooting each other for lack of mental health care and consuming massive high sodium content…

Please secede !!! Get out-of-town on a rail of your own making….PLEASE!!!!

PLEASE SECEDE!!! …,.So you can drive around in gas guzzling trucks and pay $10 a gallon until the deregulated oil runs out because it all leaked into the ground and into the ocean…When this happens …YOU’RE JUST GONNA HAVE TO SIT THERE on the pot hole covered highways like a bunch of stupid ignorant assholes…

So please secede !!!

…..and let the rest of us build a really great new society without the restraints all of your stupid extremist un-American bull crap…Go!!…piss off …!!!.disappear…losers!!!

Glad I got that off my chest…now for something really important …. handicapping  tonight’s Golden Globes nominations….where politics are present but give way to sheer unadulterated bribery, Botox, a different kind of red…carpet that is…and some serious drinking and sniffing…where is Lindsay Lohan when you need her?


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