Last night at the Golden’ come all the new young beauties…and that’s not just the gals…Primping was king….

The best and the worst dressed will be discussed endlessly in magazines and with Joan Rivers who has just contracted to have a new face every year till it drops off.

Jodie Foster kinda “came out”…and not from her dress..She told us all she was “gay” ..kinda and then said she was “lonely” but wanted to be “private”. It was heartfelt..and poignant …it was also too long and some of it was in Swahili…or some kind of champagne induced fervor language. She did her best to rehabilitate Mel Gibson who looked liker he’s swallowed his entire year of MEDS just so he could sit there and not tell the Jews all around him they were “living swine!”

I was roundly picked upon by some of my gay Face book friends for suggesting Jodie over did it…but that she did…Nobody is THAT IMPORTANT Jody…lot of “air” air time there. But we love you..we do we really love you ..even if you do kiss a NAZI every now and then.

Glad to see Ben won best director..which is such a slap in the kisser to the academy whose members don’t seem to understand the fact that voting for a movie and ignoring the director is about as stupid as a month of SEAN HANNITY shows.

Generally the Goldens make the entire show business world look like a bunch of smug egomaniacs ..which most of them are not…well okay some of them are..but not Judy Dench…

When you’re looking at Tommy Lee Jones YOU KNOW HE  didn’t want to be there…and THEN THERE WAS Denzel who knew he wasn’t gonna win because of DANNY BOY ..The world’s greatest actor…Who was gracious and real and loving.

So as usual we saw the good the bad and the ugly …The Dick Clark production used to be directed by my old mate Chris Donovan…he did a great job…this year Lou Horowitz did it….

Love to you all and remember Ted Nugent isn’t the only one with strong opinions  only he’s festering open sores on the buttocks of America…

So Ted sit on it!!


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