The billion dollar a minute Homeland Security racket that is supposed to buy us safety may be pointed in the wrong direction…

A theory bubbling around in many people’s heads is that Boehner and the current “bent” GOP CONGRESS and State governors which are all obviously owned and operated by the Koch Brothers are the real terrorists.

They don’t intend to blow up buildings ..that’s counter productive ….they plan to blow up the economy…and make America a corporate dictatorship….

This WAS and still IS their plan….

Bush’s folks blew it by thinking our military was infallible ..Remember Cheney saying..”‘It’ll be over in a matter of weeks”  4,500 Military deaths later BULLSHIT!!!

The “Corpo-idiot” thinking at the time was that they would take over all the Middle Eastern oil and Bush would be the hero!!

America would roll over and “support our troops” taking over not only the World but a grateful country who would keep one dumb assed GOP puppet President in the White House for ever and ever amen.

Right now Boehner and Cantor and McConnell..”the three unwise men” are attempting to terrorize the country with threats to close down the government and kill the current economic recovery ..anyone NOT seeing this as Terrorism is a numbskull…

Welcome to the Red States …Numbskulls inc…


SUICIDE “BUMMER” STATES…. what a theory…but is it?


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