“Crazy sh*t!!”


It’s now perfectly safe to say that millions of the citizens The United States of America have recently gone completely into “La La Land!”

Statements coming from the official and unofficial representatives of these millions of lunatics and brain malfunctioning fools make sense only if you are planning a motion picture about the death of civilization.

In keeping with this current trend here are some jokes…

A recent poll shows that 76% of Americans would like to see Anne Coulter gagged and deported to Greenland.

After the CEO of Whole Foods came out against unions many people say he organically f*cked himself.

Sarah Palin signs to do a centerfold for Guns and Ammo wearing nothing but a rocket launcher.

Charlie Daniels has been arrested for smoking his hat.

Fox and Friends hosts have just been called “the Menage a Trois of Fascist misinformation”

Rupert Murdoch has just come out in favor of public flogging of the hosts at MSNBC.

A new poll shows that most Americans would rather hear a bunch of old dogs farting that listening to Ted Nugent saying anything.

Lance Armstrong will meet with Ted Cruz to discuss who actually told the biggest whopper.

Marco Rubio has been diagnosed with having eaten too many fried bananas as a kid to be considered Presidential.

American Idol’s ratings have slipped so from now on to spice things up a little Ryan Seacrest will wear women’s clothes.

The NRA’s new building headquarters will have a moat and a drawbridge.




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