Spider-Man, Barack Obama



Yes losers he’s backkkk!!

Obama is WELL AND TRULY…..

He ain’t going anywhere soon….and he ‘s put everyone on notice.”No more Mister Nice Kenyan!”….The Right Wing Red States are turning blue with rage…

We are a country divided by Fox News…Rush Limbaugh..and a Congress of insane people…

State Gerrymandering is the only way the Fascist corporate dogs of war and  fiscal take over can hope to hold onto any form of power.


White guys in suits you’ll have to get used to Black and Latinos and Asians in suits!!

John Boehner can shout out “4 more beers!!.”…..

He can enjoy “Six Martinis in the City”

He can listen to …’Cry Me a Diseased Liver!” on Pandora!

This is not gloating …It is instead ..fact…

Unless the REPUBLICAN PARTY begins to listen to the three or four sane people left in their party calling themselves moderates they will be going the way of the Pet Rock and wide lapels…

Singin’ “Do waa diddy diddy..diddy diddy dumb…”


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