If ever a large group of idiots have gathered together to completely throw up on themselves and then commit seppuku… these cretins are now on display across a wide spectrum of the media and they are …ladies and gentlemen…known as Republicans

Members of “club stupid” were on display last night and today!

Last night in the form of a wild-eyed gun crazed lunatic with a suspiciously French name “LAPIERRE” ..This man ranted on about America civilians having “the same right to bear automatic firearms as the military “which sounded pretty damn seditious to some….

….And today in the obnoxious rude,offensive and “fact check impaired” questioning by a bunch of lousy right wing pigs!!

Woman hating assholes trying to score political points off the dead bodies of American diplomats while debasing a true patriotic AMERICAN heroine in the form of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

These fools will go down in history as blithering dunderheads.

They showed their ugly small-minded disdain for the dignity of the House and the office of Secretary of State and in their complete “nitwitism” almost guaranteed the death of their party as a viable and realistic alternative to the present Democratic leadership.

Oafs on parade!   Of course Fox will crow how “they gave it to Hillary!”

Actually what they gave to Hillary was probably the White House in 2016…

She been there she done that!

GOP funeral services will be held somewhere in the South…


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