An article caught our eye this week and it kinda says the nitty in a very succinct way.

Why has the media stopped doing its job of informing the people of what is really going on.?

This is a never-ending and consequential question.

To get to the truth today we have to wade through tons of information from the various sources available to find a simple equation of any given subject.

It has to do …this article said…with the corporate take over in full bloom…with it not “mattering a smattering”of what channel or what news cast’s all tainted and painted with the same corporate brush.

What news division boss is really ready to buck the almighty sponsors dollar in the long run?

So if Rachel goes crazy on an oil spill BP calling NBC and threatening withdrawal of mega sponsor dollars?    ..You betcha…so they let her go crazy for a few days to make it look good …then “RACHEL PICK ON SOMETHING ELSE.”

…But sponsors are not idiots.. if something is demographically making a splash they’ll go with it until it hurts sales..  They don’t want to hurt Liberal buying power…

We don’t hear a great deal about Monsanto do we….?

This is because it cuts a wide swath across many food product and 45% of all commercials on TV are connected in some way with food…

We will rest our suitcase with this name… David Gregory….a total unmitigated corporate dirt bag shill…a man who dances with Karl Rove… a shining example of compromised news host who kisses the ass of big business so he can remain seemingly unbiased and employed..a dangerous man…

As for Fox News…we don’t go there as it’s a joke of monstrous proportions …they know their morons and they cater to their morons in every way possible…

Sean Hannity is a fruit of the loom loon for textiles……The oil can Harry spokesperson for Exxon…

We can’t help but wonder what America would be like without the power of the BIG BUCK running us like we’re just pawns in the big picture….

Its been like that since the Romans minted coins…

So what’s new Mister Magoo?



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