Loser GOP politicians insist on making sure they don’t get ignored by attempting to monopolize the news with OVER THE TOP OUTRAGEOUS gratuitous sound bites that go way beyond the pale.

Lindsay Graham has obviously missed a few spankings from his neighborhood Dominatrix.

His latest ramblings aimed at calling The PRESIDENT everything from an incompetent to a down right traitor smacks of the desperation of the entire breed of ever weakening REPUBLICANS who can find no way to counter their mudslide into oblivion.

In this desperate mood …we might he hearing other GOP sound bites like these.

“Obama is rumored to wear women’s silk undergarments.”

“Joe Biden’s high school teacher claims Joe used to drop pencils in class so he could look up her skirt.”

“Michelle Obama has ordered a color coordinated Glock for public appearances.”

Harry Reid has had a butt enhancement.

We could go on….


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