Spider-Man, Barack Obama



Meanwhile Congress languishes at around ground zero!


Yet the Republican led Congress, although bending on immigration for obvious demographic reasons, only persists in painting this ever more popular President as a do nothing incompetent loser.

It is now becoming plainly and painfully obvious to a much larger percentage of average Americans that the current brand of conservatism is so out to lunch as to the needs of the country that it has become laughable…and this not only on all the comedy talk shows but is now becoming a part of main stream conversation.

People like this TEXAS Jackal Ted Cruz.. who’s attempting to make a name for himself  under protection of Fox Fascist News by making such jaw dropping bizarre and asinine comments about Democrats that Networks allow him on their shows just for his sheer unadulterated lack of respect for the truth… so they can refute it.

OBAMA has confounded the Right …they don’t have a clue how to handle him apart from casting doubts on his ability to “lead and manage” the country. How do they manage to make this happen?…By NOT allowing him to “lead and manage” the country through constant and on going obstruction.
They are against change….the party that cannot deal with DEMOCRACY when it bites them in the face…They want out  of Democracy when it doesn’t suit them.

They would be content to be led by a one party system, as is now happening in several of the Southern Red States. States where GOP governors act like mini dictators pushing through unpopular ridiculous anti-abortion legislation aimed at governing women’s rights to control their own bodies.

Where these same white men are undermining public education and changing the schools text books to enhance creationism in a backwards march to religious intolerance. Atheist kids can ‘t graduate unless they swear allegiances to God..What a bunch of Fascist bullshit…

But that’s where this county is today re-fighting The Civil War…how backward can this be?..

This is indeed a “two country country”..Personally I’m glad I live in the good Obama country and not the pile of crap that now exists in more than 20 States.


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