f8308be65a9024aaIn the news today is a psychiatrist’s invitation for the Republican Congress to light up. The remarks were made by the resident shrink at a local ashram in CALIFORNIA.

This man is also known as Guru Bernie and he has successfully transformed himself into a “double whammy”as both a working psychiatrist and a full religiously evolved guru.

His followers include many ex-Scientologists who didn’t want to be in a land navy and Atheists and Catholics who needed to know about guiltless sex.

The Guru has been to Washington and contacted John Boehner who laughed in his face and tried to have him arrested for smelling of incense in a Government building.

The Guru’s theory is that if all the TEA PARTY nut cases smoked a fat one , they would begin to see what complete assholes they were and still are  and start to feel good about a women’s vagina in a protective way.

They would understand that Ted Nugent’s music was bullshit and begin to like Doctor John,Willie Nelson, Ziggy Marley and Pink.

Guru Bernie is patient and although being attacked by Mitch McConnell’s Rottweilers when he tried to deliver a monogrammed bong to Mitch’s  office …he will continue to advocate smoking dope to the completely hopeless losers who stink up Congress every day with old white man bullshit…

Go to gurubernie.com for further info regarding this great man




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