The Eric Cantor obituary.

If you wanted to look into the eyes of insincerity and mistrust then you had to go no further than look in the eyes of Eric Cantor. This then is a summary of “Eric the Gone!


**Eric  attempted to re-brand rat shit.

**Eric was as sincere as Judas.

**Eric had the Tea Party so far up his ass you could see China.

**Eric made “speaking out of the side of a mouth” an art form.

**Eric was  transparent when looking  in his ear you could see the wall on the other side of the room.

 **Eric played “hide and seek” by only playing “hide”….

**He thought the word “truth” to be untrustworthy.

**Eric was more ambitious than Napoleon but without a nice uniform and an army.

**Eric was sneakier than BERNIE MADOFF and just a smidgen less arrogant.

**Eric’s  mother wanted him to be a doctor and not a shyster.

** Eric didn’t think he had to try to get reelected because not trying was a success in Congress.

** Eric may have been a secret closet bigot but wasn’t a big enough bigot for the Tea Party.

**Eric should never had ordered Kosher at the Southern Baptist fund-raisers.





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