Scase Chris


This year’s Grammy’s have been given a dress code by the Academy.  No naked sexy butts…no the cleavage…and that’s just for the guys …

Suggestive make up you can get away with but not by making your navel look like a sex object…

Obviously somebody has had a suppression fit…but the Grammy’s have always been a LITTLE stodgy..

WE CAN REMEMBER PRINCES NAKED BUTT NUMBER. but that was on Dick Clark’s American Music Awards..God rest his perverted soul!

Lady Gaga might show up wearing meat or even lobster and steak as surf and turf..This will not be obscene but hardly organic.

Beyoncé can rest on her laurels and not show up as a slut…perhaps a nun outfit to counter the Fox News outrage at her DOMINATRIX fashion statement …the one that Pat Robertson said “made God put the lights out at the SUPER BOWL”…

“Pat recently sat on an old lady’s contribution and had to have 20 stitches to sew up his grifter.”

To some of us the list of nominees include artists we’ve never heard of ever in a month of Sundays…But none of them will be showing their butts or their nipples…so we may never hear of them again.

These new names make this mature rocker feel so old he feel like a squirrel who forgot where he hid his nuts..

I could put it down to drugs but I think it’s actually knowing that Charlie Watts is approaching 7o from the wrong end of 60.

2 Responses

  1. Little known fact Nuns make the best Dominatrix. Years of training makes all the difference. And being married to a sexless, transgender, SuperBeing can create decades of anger just waiting to pop out for those needing correction. (Please don’t ask how I know this)

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