BYE POPE…………………………………..


The 85-year-old German guy who CATHOLICS say is “God on Earth” has decided the party’s over….he’s gonna call it a day….

Let’s hope Pat ROBERTSON that the GERMAN GUY consulted God on this early he can retain his pension and the health insurance.

He’s sighting ill-health and the fact that he can’t walk and chew gum at the same time..which is known as the “President Ford excuse.”

There will be the usual sale of the slightly used tall hats ..and the size 35 ornate dresses and full length gowns and the fire retardant smoking purses.


But the question does arise ..Why did this Pope really decide to resign?

Some possible reasons:

He’s allergic to Holy water.

He’s been offered a regular hosting job on ‘Fox and Friends”

The Vatican Chef makes lousy Vienna Snitzel. 

The Swiss Guard won’t share their chocolate with him.

He’s seen an episode of The Borgia’s and realizes Catholics really sucked back in the 16th century.

What ever the results of this abdication BILL MAHER wishes he’d waited ’till Friday …



One Response

  1. Probably politics: pushed out because of his do-nothing approach to the rampant pedophilia and other abuse committed by priests; archaic and dogmatic approach to catechism and everything else surrounding Catholicism. That translates to loss of followers and loss of…money.

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