Recently the Supreme Court  ruled in favor of Monsanto the creator of “FRANKENFOOD”. Even the Obama administration has gone Faustian and is consorting with the “artificial Beelzebub.”


The SCOTUS did this in a case against a single soy bean farmer who was  not just fighting city hall but the entire corporate imitation food industry.

“ITS MONSANTO MONSATAN! A place where food has been altered so it looks better …tastes better, makes hair grow where it isn’t supposed to and promotes the death of a sixth sense and the growth of a sixth toe.

“Monsatan”… where Devil’s Food Cake is actually DEVIL’S FOOD CAKE…

thumbnailCABD07X2“I’m just back from a delicious meal of perfect looking Apple Pie !”

This Don Quixotic farmer said his soy beans were his and could not be owned by a company which wants to own all the seeds in the World…

No kidding Monsanto is “the death star of independent food supply”…Your green beans will never be the same…

“This farmer guy had about as much chance of winning in this corporate owned society as Marcus Bachmann has of having the gay sucked out of him”…

“This farmer has about as much chance of winning as John McCain has of being important again”..

“This farmer had about as much chance of winning as Chris Christie has of looking Presidential instead of like an even more crooked fat guy than Tony Soprano on Steroids.”

And now for the genetically altered news…

“We have just learned that Monsanto scientists have offered to grow a new Republican Presidential Candidate.”

“Monsanto has created lettuce that can pick itself.”.

“Monsanto has created an insecticide that when sprayed on Liberals makes them laugh at Dennis Miller”….

‘Monsanto has created a giant talking Tomato that can take over when Rush Limbaugh takes a day off..as long as it has dribbles of oil and vinegar every hour.”.

“People buying altered Broccoli are complaining that when bitten into it bites back”.

More on this dangerous vegetable invasion as soon as we go out today and shoot ourselves some CAULIFLOWER for dinner…

monsters                                EAT ME ….I’M ALL SALAD…


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