The Lone Star State is breeding subversive un-American ass wipes!

Strong language??…

Okay ..we all know about Governor Perry… a man with hair growing on his palms…this is the guy who is closing planned parenthood clinics faster than CAA closes deals for the author of “50 Shades of  Grey”

And we all know Chuck Norris lives there… a man who knows the meaning of hair dye and Botox.

Now there’s a new TEXASS on the horizon..we’re talking  Turd Cruz…sorry I mean Ted Cruz..okay that’s a cheap play on “turds”.. I mean ‘words”…but you can tell already I really don’t like this  cowardly little yo-yo!

People liken him to Joe McCarthy from the 50’s ..

He’s a slimy little guy who just makes up shit that is patently bull and goes on safe media like Fox News and Pat Robertson “Speaking to God” channel and sprouts off  like its real information instead of Goebbels style propaganda…

He ‘s somebody you never want to let near a nuclear arsenal or by the looks of him near any woman under the age of 70 with an operating  vagina.

Oh ..you people think I’m just an overreacting Liberal with a chip…well mark my words this TEXASS is a nasty divisive piece of work in a blue suit.. He will never go near Rachel…. Chris …or Lawrence …etc…who would take his small balls and make them even smaller..

Can you tell how I feel about Ted…?


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