As doomsday becomes more of a reality and the country’s most brilliant minds seem unable to prevent it ..either out of utter stupidity or by trying to lay a political blame game on each other we must ask ourselves “WTF?’


Well how did we get  years of Bush/Cheney and a war that was started on a lie.? Why did it take us all that time to realize we’d been fooled? Easy..

It is the media in this country that does it…It follows the propaganda started by the smart Fascists on the right. The current example was”splained” to the folks by Rachel Maddow last night.   The example she used was “McCARTHISM”  now being regenerated by a TEXAS slime ball named Ted Cruz

He  just makes statements that are totally and utterly false…but does so with conviction in a nice suit with a haircut. But the media will make him star because the more he says these lies and looks good…the more they’ll put him out there…so the extremists will love him and the rest of us will be outraged…

It’s known as the Anne Coulter syndrome..he a total over the top racist subversive and get mentioned all over the World.

The problem with Ted Cruz is he’s a freakin’ CANADIAN….so why don’t we find a way to deport the hockey puck back to Moose Jaw where he belongs.



It’s more of the Anne Coulter syndrome…the Glen Beck syndrome.. the Rush syndrome.

And it words on dumb asses.


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