Big night…Hollywood glitter can be seen from outer space.

Its” OSCARITIS! ” A night when a billions people world wide breathlessly await the results of the votes of a bunch of elitist older white guys with various political chips and biases.

This year hosted by Seth MacFarlane…. Most of the billion watching will say “Seth who?”..Seth however is hugely successful and a witty multi millionaire…which means even if he bombs he wont give a shirt…

Where is Billy did he die?..We know Bob Hope died…and David Letterman died while hosting the show. Then there was James and Anne..they looked liked ZOMBIES  who’d during rehearsals.

The dreaded moments for the producers and directors always come when the people who win the documentary award come up especially if they’re from Sicily or Mali and they have something important to say rather than thanking their wives without whom none of this would have been possible…

At least this is better than the Grammy’s when rappers and country music winners alike  thank “God’ and “their Lord Jesus Christ” for allowing them the privilege of singing Right-wing anthems and hip hop lyrics about owning bling and screwing gigantic amounts of willing ho’s.

But it is exciting as the red carpet become the place where every designer on the planet tries to please People magazine and Joan Rivers.

Nate silver got the elections right ..check out his predictions against the winners.


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