“HEY HEY.”……………………



Please Academy hire me to produce and write the Oscars.

Yeah not likely!

I think I know how to do this better than any one on the planet…this is true however!


I saw last year’s show and it was an up and down affair. The ups were up and the down were not that far down to make it a bad show..But it wasn’t a comedy variety television show.

It was “televised” but was not a television show.

Television….That’s what I do..Not much else folks …but I know how to do comedy variety television shows…For me this is falling off a log into a vat of happy.


Yeah well fuck you…I breath laughs…I eat music and I have friends who make up most of show business…and given the chance we would make the OSCARS into something that everyone around the World would be coming away from saying it was the most fun time they’d ever had for four hours of boring self-indulgent bullshit…

Craig and Neil are classy guys ..and they did a great job staging a stage show…

But only Les Miz was rock n’roll!..and Shirley Bassey banged one home!

How’s about whole show bringing back the glitz and the glamor and the disco of big time variety hours…with the comedy of the 60’s and even the Technicolor of the 40’s …

I know how to do that and I know who to get to do it with me…But as this is NOT gonna happen at least I can envision it..and remember Andy and the Osmond’s, Dinah Shore, Lucy and Motown and The Jackson’s ,and Sonny and Cher, and Elvis and Bob Hope, and a young Jim Carrey, and Steve Martin and The Laugh In  gang..and Cass Elliot and Dick Clark and all those really big shows when comedy and variety was a non stop weekly barrage of the funniest and most mind-blowing production shows of all time…

It’s still here… and its resting in my mind which to tell you the truth is still an okay place to hang out it…

Whoops there goes another idea…

4 Responses

  1. You would make it what it was and could be again. Got my vote.

    • I think I was in your old office in the tower the other day with Vin Di Bona …we were meeting with Jeff Bader who had just left ABC and gone to NBC…NBC came in 5th behind the Mexican channel during the sweeps think they need help??
      Really Ken…the OSCARS …what a way to let people see some old time razzamatazz heh? ..

      Going to another NBC meeting to day as we have a deal with Howie Mandel…

      Best to you.


      best to you.

  2. Same memories, here. You would rock the Oscars, if you were in charge!

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