We have faced 13 hours of Rand Paul and we have survived Hitler references , a really bad hairpiece, hypocrisy and toilet breaks..But at least we can take sides…or can we?

There are a mass of questions…

Moral questions mostly in this blog’s opinion..the writer has been sick and absent and so this is a first for about a week or so..as if anyone cares…and judging from the lack of views not many people…

Here is my dilemma …as a person ..who as a child …was in a war zone and was constantly being attacked from the sky by both manned and unmanned enemy ordinance  I have an abject aversion to the killing of the innocent.

When women, children and old people are subjected to indiscriminate terror bombing as a political tool by a military to enable a strategic victory …to me..that is the end of human reason.

This was the case in World War two on both sides…Germany bombed civilian cities ..and in return the British and the Americans bombed civilian cities..with devastating results. In Vietnam Americans bombed North Vietnam and Lao and Cambodia…the price was terrible and America lost that one.

Now we face a new question with the debate about drones.

…And strangely I am torn here by this. Looking at the Huffington Post today which showed pictures of dead children killed by the American military… and apparently CIA drone attacks …was horrifying.

The question being; “Did we deliberately target and destroy areas that we knew to be populated by innocent civilians or were these all attacks caused by faulty intel? Do we have a military that disregards the human lives of  the innocent to get to and destroy the enemy harbored or hiding amongst them? ”

I do not have the answer to that..but can only hope that the powers in our military don’t follow that path.

…And so to the Rand Paul argument… which deals not so much with that question… but the question of what right does the President have above Congress in using unarmed drones to attack homegrown terrorists here in the United States in a time of crisis?.

Here is where I find a difficult moral challenge.

When something like an instant domestic terror attack is imminent I want the decision to take out that threat in the hands of a President like Obama. But NOT in the hands of a President like Bush…But I can’t guarantee a strong guy in the White House.

If a drone is the quickest and most surgical way to deal with that ON American soil however then I want it dealt with.

I do not, however , want the CIA or the FBI indiscriminately flying civilian drones all over the place taking out criminals without trials. Is that a point Rand Paul was making ..I think so…

This drone situation goes even further. If America military lives.. on a large-scale.. can be curtailed by the use of drones..this must be considered in all future military actions.

You can go on the web right now and see the amazing amount of new drone technologies that are currently being deployed or are near to being deployed.

WHICH EVER WAY WE LOOK AT IT ..drones are the future of warfare..it is how they are used and how the cost of military and civilian casualties can be taken down which will ultimately determine the moral issues that most bother us as human beings.

If it is determined that drones save lives then so be it…but the jury is still out…but they should never be deployed in any offensive way by civilian or law enforcement agencies.


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad you’re back and feeling well enough to write this excellent perspective of yours. Take Care!

    • Thanks Wendy…just like to get my writing chops off every now and then…

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