North Korea is a comedy country.

Its new leader is a funny little fat guy with the personality of a piece of Cheesecake. His idea of America seems to be summed up in the persona of Dennis Rodman…

Dennis is one of the most bizarre human beings basketball and his parents have ever spawned. Dennis has tattoos on his tattoos..and some say on his foreskin.

The only problem with “comedy land” however is that the funny little fat kid …who gets his daily delivery of violent video games from FEDEX …has his chubby little finger on a nuclear button.

He has been a naughty little North Korean lately playing with fission and exploding atom bombs…at least underground …which is safer than above apart from for the gophers.

He doesn’t have the capability of sending any of these nuclear weapons anywhere near us yet…but he’s threatening us with this possibility.

Lil’ Kim..as we like to affectionately call him… is the son of the great supreme leader Big Kim who ruled North Korea with an iron fist and a million man army for decades..as did his daddy even BIGGER KIM before him.

It is one of the most impoverished and secretive societies on the planet…it even persecutes its 1%…The peasants starve and the Kim family doesn’t give a shit..after all they have a million man army which they pay to march and play with their rifles.

What to do with a rogue nation?..well the UN and the rest of the World ..even China…wants to make them even more impoverished than before…so they place massive sanctions on the comedy country…this pisses off Lil’ Kim…but not for the obvious reasons…He sees it as an insult to his ego…not the fact that his people will suffer more and that the six people with cars will find it harder to get parts and that bullets will have to be conserved…no not that….


The problem here is that the populace only gets their news from one source and that’s from The Lil’ Kim television network which makes Fox News look like the progressive branch of PBS. So the public in North Korea just think the rest of the World wants to take a giant dump on them…when actually they are already the “dumpee! ”

Lil’ Kim can’t put a bomb on a rocket to save his fat little soul as yet…they’re shooting blanks …so his threats to destroy us only go as far as his stadiums packed with peasants…


The people who should really be worried are the South Koreans who make the Hyundai cars and who can see Lil’ Kim from their houses.

Meanwhile Lil’ Kim will have official visits from other America celebrities in the near future which will surely give him an even clearer picture of our society…

Next week we hear Lindsay Lohan will join him for a few drinks..and then a few more drinks … and right after Lindsay ..another American sports icon The San Diego Chicken…


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