What ever anybody says about Obama…his strengths…his weaknesses …his obsession with compromise and bi partisanship..no one can ever doubt the size of this guy’s balls.

He is fighting a daily traitorous battle against the greatest adversarial bunch of racist corporate owned anti-American obstructionists probably ever in the history of home-grown politics…These are “Internal economic terrorists” hell-bent on destroying his credibility in any way they can and backed by an entire fake news network and the powerful resources and media forces of huge mega rich Fascists.

And there he stands…not a perfect man…but a good man ..a man with the sense for the future history of this country and not one fighting to keep it back in the 20th century but wanting to push it forward.

Even with the power of the PRESIDENCY at his fingertip..he tries to keep it in the middle and not to appear a tyrant…It is the right-wing that appears that way… they are small …they are vocal…they are vicious..they are cruel and they are NOT popular with the majority…but they have fear and prejudice on their side and those are powerful allies in this country…a country that seems to have turned in on itself right now.

When Obama travels abroad to hostile leaning places some seem to be less hostile than when the virile and open contemptuous hostility in in his own country.

Easy one to figure heh?

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