Justice Scalia had become the Hunchback of the Supreme Court. He froths  at the mouth uttering inane elitist claptrap proving he is not fit to be SUPREME anything…

He is a mediocre little bigot in love with the way his unconscionable grandstanding and ridiculously over blown statements drive the press crazy…as they print it.

He is the Anne Coulter of the SCOTUS…

He is like a miscast actor from the Soprano’s.

I’d like to see a 6 foot gay Easter Bunny jump out of a dark alley and scare the shit out of him!!

He should be forced to eat Italian Food from the Olive Garden cooked by Illegal aliens and served up by clumsy college kids and out of work actors ..

I hope he chokes on under cooked lasagna and is finally placed in a home where all he can eat is “all you can eat bread sticks.”


2 Responses

  1. Trying to “Like” this…but it won’t let me! Send Scalia anywhere but the Supreme Court, & I will volunteer to feed him bread-sticks or whatever his cold heart desires!.

    • thanks for the comment….appreciate the “like”….

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