Nothing ever happens to us unless we deserve it. 

I believe in big government when it works.

Michelle Bachmann can see insanity from her house.

The only way to start saving a soul is to realize you have one.

If you think something is easy …think again…there’s nearly always a twist.

Almost nothing is ever either as good or as bad as it seems.

You cannot seek the truth without knowing your own truth first.

Jesus was a Jew there were no Christians until a lot later.

Americans are still popular in many countries around the World despite themselves.

Carrot Top and Las Vegas were always made for each other.

The Republican Party of today would be content with a one party system consisting of a multilevel medieval style society of a superior white elitist monetarily stable minority running the country as a business.


3 Responses

  1. As if you don’t already know, I love your blog! Lol… Carrot Top & Vegas….lol..

    • thanks 4 the advice….punctuation is king….

  2. I love so much of what you always say, Chris. More like this, please.
    Only please learn the value of punctuation: “Jesus was a Jew. Christians [only] came along much later.” PITHY PROSELYTIZING, I believe this kinda stuff should be called. Who else but a comedian to do it? 🙂

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