As a tribute to this day here is a list of current “fools”in our opinion only..

***You of course can make your own list of fools which might very well include this editor..this is a free country and a free blog…

(“Fools” in no particular order).

Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Dennis Rodman, Lindsay Lohan, Ted Nugent, Sean Hannity, Dennis Miller, Donald Trump, Michelle Malkin, Anne Coulter, The Fox Blondes, Steve Doocey, Ted Cruz, Judge Scalia, Judge Thomas,The Bachmanns ,most of the GOP Governors, all of the GOP Congress, Boehner, Cantor, Kim John UN, David Gregory, Greece, Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, most of the South, North Dakota, Mohammed Karzai, The Tea Party, Anne Romney,Rick Scott, Dr. Ben Carson,Gary Busey, Francis Graham, Lindsay Graham, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, GEORGE W. FOOL, Karl Rove,Dick Morris, Reince Prebus.

***The people who are NOT “fools’ …but control… or have something to do with controlling the above and are extremely dangerous for DEMOCRACY are the Koch Brothers, Rupert Murdoch, the big bankers, the oil barons, and the corporate minions that current own our asses us and our government.Those damn smart 1% people who can manipulate or pay our  list of  “fools”mentioned into doing their dirty work while they reap the rewards of owning just about everything on the planet that isn’t nailed down.

We’re all fools for letting them do it..and they have done it…..and it looks like we can never go back…unless we stop being “fools”and get so pissed off we take them down by the sheer force of our numbers…but that’s the biggest April Fool’s joke of all..’caus they know we don’t have the will to go there…


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