Its over   but here’s a reminder of what it was…..

A re blog….FROM APRIL.

America is in the throes of idiocy right now.

And as this awful debasing sequester begins to eat at the fabric of our heartland and starts to take down the country’s social assistance programs…it becomes abundantly clear that the current way the system is running is so politically broken as to be verging on the surreal.

Watching the great looking and obviously elite Obama family having a great vacation and a wonderful Easter egg hunt was “nice”…but some of us can’t help but think of the hundreds of thousands of children …in the richest country in the World… not knowing where their next meal is coming from.

The Government and its “loyal” opposition let this sequester happen for sheer political reasons ..To gain traction…to cover their asses….it’s becoming so sick …so unbridled in its foolish pride and one upsmanship that it defies logic and intelligence.

How far down this heartless chain of events must we go before the PRESIDENT steps in and stops this with an executive order?. How many must suffer the indignities about to be heaped upon them..?

Where is the humanity?


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