Right now in the free country of these United States Democracy has  spawned some areas of the country that have become mini dictatorships.

This however has not been because of any form of armed rebellion or subterfuge…no… this is because white American has rallied around the flag of fear of the future and a last stand of the status quo.

Of course some will say you can’t blame them…they have witnessed something in their white lifetime that seemed a total impossibility.

A two term black President with a foreign sounding name!!

“Holy Shit Batman!”..How did that happen?

It happened dear white people because most of you didn’t see it coming!!

Because you were too caught still thinking that a Reagan and a Bush and a Clinton and another Bush was the only color that would ever be allowed to run a country like yours.

So you started drawing your white people in a got out to vote in areas where you could still have a cluster f##%.

You won victories over the state legislatures across the country with the force of big outside white corporation money..

You got those super majorities and your representatives are using them and you are bringing in local state laws that resemble the fascism of the 30’s in Europe.

You are white… you think you are in control but you are not America!

You see it isn’t only your country!

See those pregnant Hispanic women everywhere see their families grow

Go to the malls and the ball games, see the African-American families, see the Asian Americans, the Indian Americans, the Native Americans, the Muslim Americans…it’s a great fit….get used to it with it…because it’s only going to get bigger and better.



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