Yes my friends we have reached the stage long hoped for by the TEA-TERRORISTS…the era of UN-Government.

The current glee surely seen on the faces of the “Republican Government” in Congress as they witness their obstruction working is palpable . They strut their stuff about “winning’ the sequester battle…They love it as cancer wards close, poor kids can’t get their school lunches and airfields, food and air become more contaminated as more and more government offices are shut down.

This the UN-Government cell at work!

But we can probably see ..if we really look at all of this…that the glee will, in the final analysis, turn into glumness!…It may be proved that really and truly setting out to destroy the basic human fabric of a society for a political philosophy may be a subliminal death wish. UN-Government may in time actually be its undoing.

Speaking of death wishes and undoing… we might be seeing the self-destruction of the Zombie land ethical challenged vampire smear maven known as Mitch McConnell.

Apparently Mitch was “frightened shirtless” by a sexy movie star encroaching on his holy Kentucky fiefdom. How dare she challenge his power base !!

Mitch went verbally berserk…He’s been caught on tape with his nasty vicious old  pants down plotting to expose and exploit Ashley’s previous problems with mental health.

Ashley decided not to run …but by just starting up and getting him with his shorts so tight that he screwed his rotten old ass into a possible devastating scandal… might be enough to get rid of this traitorous blight.

Mitch ..it’s rumored …drinks the blood of at least 2 interns before he drives home at night

To show how seriously Mitch is damaged by this tape plus his useless brain dead talk of Gun Bill filibuster is the Irish have asked him to change his name to “Schwartz.”


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